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Hi Jackie/Valerie,

I wanted to share a testimonial for your ministry (anonymous of course).

I’ve been on a long journey of dealing with a bleeding issue, and among the many therapies I’ve been using to treat it this year, I added court work a few months ago, and it has been an integral part of my healing. After a couple months of sessions, I can now say the issue is 95% resolved and continuing to improve.

Also, I’ve had profound emotional healing through court work. Several times now, I’ve experienced the Just Judge stepping down from his throne during session and creating a private, “closed session” where I can experience Him in a safe place as the Father. While I’ve prayed to Father God since childhood, issues with my earthly father have prevented me from experiencing my Heavenly Father in an close, loving way. Now I’m beginning to have more intimate time with my Heavenly Father for this first time in my life.

Finally, this work has helped me discern the voice of the Father from the voice of the accuser more clearly. Since learning about verdicts from hell, I’ve been able to spot and stop negative self-talk, faulty beliefs, guilt, and performance-based thinking as the enemy’s voice, not God’s. Sounds simple, but it’s amazing how much old religious thinking we must undo, and the court work has helped expose the more subtle lies/voice of the enemy that lie in this category that were keeping me from the mind of Christ and true freedom.


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Good Morning Dan & Jackie. I thank God so… so… much for your ministry &  the wonderful work you’re doing. This is indeed life changing, mountain moving, earth shaking, foot stomping,  giving us all awesome Revelations that have been able to shift so many otherwise “impossible” obstacles and great distresses we have had for so many years with seeming unanswered prayers. We pray for you and your ministry for the blessings of The Lord our Dad Father, and our dear brother Jesus Christ, to keep protect and enlarge your borders bringing millions into their destiny. For His purposes on earth to be established as wrapped up in our destinies. May you be greatly rewarded on every front.

I mentioned to you about my sister who lives in America with a 30-year-old daughter that had been attacked by witchcraft in an annual unending onslaught of attacks with no end in sight. This has been happening since 2010. This was precipitated by a  So-called group of Christians where they attended an African Nigerian church. They had not realized at 1st and she joined the choir. After about 18 months or so of being there with strange inexplicable activities they were shown by the Lord and had to flee the church. This was not without revenge attacks and prior attacks due to not conforming to their impossible demands and strange activities.

We prayed fasted, interceded, had prayer watches nightly my sister and I. We managed to ” lessen” the attacks at times but it would return yearly around the beginning of each year. This was because of hidden covenants which we were unaware of and had no prior understanding. A week ago, after listening and participating in the heavenly  court  session with yourselves on “Profane Worship” she was in Psychiatric hospital at the time “raving insane” – this was the 2nd attack since this year. We were able in prayers to “stave off ” more serious damages in April 2018  when  she had the previous attack and subsequent hospital admission.  No amount of warfaring and rebuking with breaking curses had worked for any lasting time. It seemed to  go away but came right back again. We were just so frustrated, and my sister was  beside herself seeking answers and not understanding. Undoubtedly  this has racked up mountainous debts for hospital bills.

When I went into Heavens Court and confessed the generational sins – interceding for our bloodlines and all the connected families. It was instant!!! My niece went from being totally insane to being restored in her totally right mind. She’s been well since with little medication and was discharged from hospital in less than 48 hours after this. Usually it takes weeks for her to “come back”  into sanity but this time it was instant. PRAISE GOD OUR FATHER!! PRAISE JESUS CHRIST & PRAISE THE HOLY SPIRIT!!!

This is one of the many testimonials we have had. We had been using other teachings found on Utube (sic) but yours is the best as it breaks it all down for us. It’s presented in a clear step by step details with the Power Point instructions. Even a new baby Christian could understand them. We are indebted to you. Thanks you so… much.

More Testimonies

More Testimonies

I am the wife of Oliver Wade who was totally set free from mental illness in 1995. Through persevering prayer over many years, the generational accusations against him in the Court of Heaven were dealt with by the Blood of Jesus Christ. Oliver completed the work when he declared Romans 8:28-35 (NASB) that there was no charge that stood against him. Our four sons have testified that they no longer have fear of mental illness. There are no symptoms of mental illness in my grandchildren and great grandchildren. Since that time, my prayer team has used these prayers with many hurting men and women from Gateway Christian Center in Tampa, Florida. We have seen the awesome power of God to deliver the descendants of Freemasonry from fear and sickness and heal women from the trauma of abortion. 

Jackie Wade
Intercessor for the House of the Lord

Powerful Testimony

Thank you  ... to you and Dan for the beautiful work you have done in Silencing the Accuser.  

I wanted to say thank you for the chapter on abortions but did not want to bring it up durring the class, it was too private.

When I held the two bundles - I cried so hard. It was so vidid, as if they were in my arms my two little girls who now are in heaven ... I didn't want to let go of them for the longest time I held them, my heart poured out so much love and tears, I never thought I was going to let go first. I could have had grandchildren. I could have seen these two beautiful women grow up. I though I had repented and had made peace but there was the love I had stored that I got to realise. 

They would have been 32 and 25 years old today and they are greatly missed and above loved by me. they are now with our Father. I believe I have made peace and that He truly has forgiven me today. I still cry but I have peace and they in good hands, they are in the hands of God now and I will see them one day. There might be more. I have been praying over the Intrauterine devices I have used in the past.

Another Testimony

It brought freedom...

The Restorations taught my wife, Duffy, and I the power of God's Word in effective spiritual warfare and broke ties to generational curses that had existed over us and our families. It brought a freedom to our lives that would not have come about without this God inspired series of instructions.

Steve Cook, Pastor