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  • Silencing the Accuser is available in both English and Spanish.   For those who know you will  really use this book, there is a spiral bound edition.  The button above leads you to which is a self publishing firm.  There is a Kindle version and a pdf for those who are overseas. I would recommend you purchase the paperback or print out the pdf.  You need to make notes as the Lord gives you revelation.  Keep pressing for there is victory. 


The Glory Of his Grace

My conversations with the Father as I grow in Him at the beginning of my journey to wholeness.

Our Ministry to the Nations


Our Path - the Highway of Holiness

Our Path - the Highway of Holiness

Our Path - the Highway of Holiness

From the beginning of my flinty faced decision to follow the Lord, I have been on the road of repentance - the Highway of Holiness. I remember vividly the day I turned from rebellion. I shook the Bible at the Lord and said, "I will obey your Word. You are God and I am dust. How dare I think I know better than You what is best for my life." I had known the Lord for years, was a spirit filled, tongue talker that walked into rebellion against God's Word.  The Word wasn't relevant in this modern age. What a lie! 

So began the journey of discovery - of loss and life, of suffering and victory, of wonder and horror, of ever increasing peace, joy, and righteousness in Him.  The road is not easy as we crucify our flesh, destroy the strongholds of generations, and see ourselves through the Heart of the Father. So I have learned to be childlike in my faith, trusting in His goodness - all the time- and content in all things. 

Over the decades, Dan and I have continued to examine our actions and reactions against the nature of Jesus Christ.   We are all called to be conformed to His image. 


I Believe

Our Path - the Highway of Holiness

Our Path - the Highway of Holiness

We believe in God the Father, the Creator of the heavens and earth, His son Jesus Christ, fully God and fully man,  sent to redeem mankind from  the  Kingdom of Darkness by his death, burial and resurrection, and the Holy Spirit, our teacher, advocate, and friend.  Through our personal journey of ever-increasing knowing of the Trinity through worship, prayer, and times of intimacy, our faith, trust, and love grows as we mature into Sons of God trusting in His Word given to us in  scriptures. 

Each person faces  daily choices to walk out their salvation with fear and trembling. Our spirit is alive unto God but our body and soul - mind, will and emotions - war against the ways of God.  So we choose to follow the narrow path of being conformed to the image of Christ by recognizing that "I am crucified with Christ: nevertheless I live; yet not I, but Christ lives in me: and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the Son of God, who loved me, and gave himself for me."  Christ is our victory. His cross is our standard of hope and covenant promise.  The fullness of redemption must be appropriated by faith. Freedom is a journey of pressing into the promises of the Father and the Son. 


My Community

Our Path - the Highway of Holiness

My Community

Through the use of the book, Silencing the Accuser and YouTube videos,  we have been able to connect with the passionate remnant in the Body of Christ all over the globe who long for His coming.  The Spirit and the bride cry out, "Come!" May we be the wise virgins prepared for His arrival with the oil that burns bright in the darkest hour.  Our preparation requires that we keep pressing for the fullness of His promises to be revealed in us as we walk in His love for the lost, the church, and each other. As you apply these principles that bring victory, you can bring encouragement and hope to individuals and nations caught in the web of iniquity.

Go and Make Disciples of all nations

Your support for GFBI Ministries enables our team to go to the nations. We have the mandate of Is 61:1-4 to rebuild the ancient ruins, raise up former desolations, and the devastation of many generations.

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