Hidden History of Slavery Part 1

This week's webinar looks at slavery in the New World and then goes deeper into the complicity of African Kingdoms. As I researched this topic I was shocked by the level of slave trade perpetrated by the Moslems in Europe, Asia, and Africa. I finish with the current statistics for modern day slavery.

Hidden History of Slavery Part 2

Continuation on slavery.

History of Christianity and Slavery

How does Christianity compare with other world religions when it comes to the abolition of slavery? Look at history through the len of the Holy Spirit.

The Enlightenment and Racism

How did the Enlightenment - the Age of Reason and Science lead to racism? Out of the necessity to to explain the diversity of the colors of mankind, Europeans developed pseudo-scientific explanations that resolved the cognitive dissonance of their cruel behaviors. Superiority vs innate inferiority! These generational beliefs influenced medicine, research, and produced the Eugenics Movement with forced sterilizations and ultimately led to abortion.

The Remembering Ones! What are you remembering?

How does the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil influence man's ability to remember the marvelous works of the Lord? Man focuses on the good and the evil and conveys self righteousness, pride, and wounding to their children -using Ephraim as an example.

How do the Verdicts of Hell Influence Lives?

Basic review of the meaning of the Gates of Hell from an Old Testament perspective of the place where the elders of the city met to judge and govern. So the Courts of Hell are counterfeiting the Courts of Heaven. How are unrighteous judgements released by the Court of Hell - Government of Hell?

Slave or Free

Are you walking in the freedom of your true identity as a Son of God or in the bondage of a slave? Valerie Williams challenges you to look at your life, behaviors, and expectations through the lens of post traumatic slave syndrome . Whose identity will your embrace? Are you wiling to own the past without excuses or blame to step into your destiny? Forgive the perpetrators, embrace the pain and struggles, knowing the God has a plan for your life.