Who Can Ascend the Mountain of the Lord

Ps 24 tells us what's required.

Restoration of Your Birthright

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Receive Justice in the Courts of Heaven

Courts of Heaven for Beginners

Are you Suffering from a Verdict of Hell?

Nuts and Bolts

Nuts and Bolts - How to Use Silencing the Accuser Effectively

Religion Vs. Relationship

Dismantling the Strongman of Religion


Profane Worship

How do the Covenants that our ancestors made with darkness control us today?


Class Action Court Case on Profane Worship

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In-Depth Study of the Water Kingdom

How have we been influenced by the Water Kingdom?  pp. 192-205

Understanding Iniquities Part 1

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In-depth Study on Iniquity, Part pp. 97-116

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Look Again At Iniquity

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Cleansing the Gates of Our Bloodline

pp. 121-126

Court Case for Cleansing the Gates of our Bloodline

Generational Sexual Perversion

This video was banned on YouTube. So it is unlisted. pp. 127-131

Ending the War Between Men and Women

pp. 131-1143

Court Case Redeeming Manhood and Womanhood

Is Fretting a Sin?

Cleansing Wicked Imaginations  pp.117-120

Court Case for Wicked Imaginations