Teaching and Prayer Strategy for Saving the Nations

Webinar Information for Thursdays

You are invited to a Zoom webinar on Thursdays at 12 noon EST which will last for approximately one hour.  This is the teaching and prayer strategy portion of this series.  Zoom ID 965432613

Dates will be flexible depending on other commitments. 

If you want to participate in a prayer call afterwards,  go to zoom.us with Zoom ID 336 921 1952. 

When: Dec 5, 2019 12:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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Topic: Teaching for The Killing of Nations 

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The Saving of Nations - Higher CourT

The Killing of Nations Series - Really the Saving of Nations

I have been reading The Killing of Uncle Sam by Rodney Howard Browne and Paul Williams. I have prayed for my nation, the nations of the world, and the Body of Christ for 37 years. Our nations kept going from bad to worse as I watched the corruption of the media, education, government, business, and the church.

In 2016, I began to apply the courts of heaven for our nation and was blessed by the election of Donald Trump. I knew the day that it happened in the Courts of Heaven as I heard the gavel resound with such authority. While reading this book, I understood why all hell is raging against this man on every front.  They don't own him. He is hindering and could totally disrupt their long term plans for total dominance of this world created in their image. This is truly a time to pray without ceasing for the future of this nation and the nations of the world.

As I read I began to understood the diabolical roots that went back to Cecil Rhodes, a secret society was formed to orchestrate the systematic rape and destruction of Africa. The hidden manipulations of a small group of extremely wealthy men that ruled nations has caused the Boer War, WWI, the Great Depression, WWII, and every war that we have fought. The machinations of the puppet masters that stole the wealth of nations, the freedom of thought at universities and in education, the free press, the destruction of seminaries and the belief in the Bible as the Word of God. It has caused the people to live in a delusion propagated by the men behind the curtain.

Let's learn the truth. Let's present our cases in the Courts of Heaven to cancel and thwart the enemies captivity of the nations. There is at time table in God's plan and we want to live in the fullness of His blessings until He says, "It is time for the final chapter".

Please pray and see if the Holy Spirit releases you to participate in this serious work for the Lord. You can listen to the teachings and then pray while a group of seasoned intercessors present in court. Your support and prayers are cherished for this endeavor.

The webinar called The Killing of the Nations will be weekly on Thursdays at 12 noon EST. The zoom information is below. This is the beginning of a weekly series with court work in preparation for the US elections next year. How the US goes, so goes the nations! The dates will be flexible depending on our schedule.

This webinar will require registration and approval to be involved in the Higher Courts.  Each person registering should send me an email describing your walk, level of intercession, and personal work you have done to cleanse your bloodline. 

When: Dec 5, 2019 12:00 Noon  Eastern Time (US and Canada)
Topic: The Killing of the Nations

Register in advance for this webinar:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.


Melbourne Courts of Heaven Retreat january 9th -

Is 61:4

I challenge the intercessors of Australia to unite in Melbourne from January 9th-14th to shift your nation's destiny through intensive training and application in the Courts of Heaven.  Australia is standing at a precipice of a new decade where the prophesied end time revival will sweep the nation by prayer or persecution. The foot of the Body of Christ is in the doorway of the political arena through the election of Scott Morrison but the war is not yet won for the heart of Australia to become the Great Southland of the Holy Spirit.  

We are in a season of fixing our eyes on the reality of the Government of God and our position as His ambassadors to enforce His decrees in the earth.  We must look up to keep pressing through the quagmire of darkness in vicious opposition of the Body of Christ's pursuit of the end time harvest. 

So clear your calendars, set the time aside, and be a part of this critical time of cleansing, training, and impartation for the destiny of Australia. The Lord is desiring spiritual lawyers to learn the protocol of heaven. As you grow in your confidence in His Courts and His justice, you will find your faith strengthened to truly believe the Word of God.  

I have never had just intense times of intercession and deep peace as I have had in the Courts of Heaven as I presented a case in agreement with the Great Cloud of Witnesses, the martyrs, the Eternal Covenant,  and the Word of God presenting His Word to the Just Judge of the Universe far above the influence of the principalities and powers. it is time to see the fruit of our prayers. 

If you plan on attending, please purchase Silencing the Accuser and begin watching the videos available on the website. 

Rebuilding the Ancient Ruins
Rebuilding the Ancient Ruins

Application for Melbourne Retreat

Application for Melbourne Retreat (pdf)


Tampa Retreat - 7/9/20 - 7/11/20


                                      Learning how to rebuild the ancient foundations!

I have been so pleased by the response to the 2 day seminar in Tampa, FL. I have considered many options from a hotel near the airport to rustic cabins. I recognized the need for privacy and a clear spiritual atmosphere. Hotels do not give us the above or the time to gather, pray, reflect, and fellowship. In my search, I found  Bethany Retreat Center,  30 acres on Lake Mary in Lutz, Fl. run by the diocese of St. Petersburg.  Here's the webpage:https://bethanycenterfl.org  It is quite lovely.  

For those who have Catholic issues, this will be a good time to deal with your judgements and triggers.

Helpful info about the facility:

  • All Cottages are equipped with wireless internet access.
  • Check in time is 4:00 pm and check out time is 10:00 am.  Depending on the occupancy of the facility, I might be able to negotiate an early check-in. 
  • Gathering rooms are equipped with TV, DVD player, small refrigerator, Keurig coffee maker, microwave, ice maker and seating for 12 to 15. 
  • All of our cottage rooms are Non-Smoking, smoking is allowed in designated areas only.
  • All cars must stay in the main parking lot for loading/unloading and overnight parking.
  • There are a total of 53 overnight rooms.
  • Each cottage has a specific fully accessible ADA compliant room
  • There are golf carts for our use around the property.
  • There are Gazebos by the lake for gathering. 

I will need to sign a contract within 10 days (10/10/19) committing to 20 rooms to lock in the booking of the facility for the seminar.  Currently I have 15 people that have indicated an interest.  There are only 27 rooms.  

So if you are interested,  please send a deposit of $100 through godsfoundationbuilders@gmail.com PayPal.  Then commit to sending the remainder in equal parts over the nine months, a single room would be $37/month, a double would be $20/month/person.  Let me know if you have someone you will be sharing a room with at the Center. There will be other expenses for this event so consider sending an offering to assist with those costs (insurance and conference room).  I am not charging for this seminar because I know that you value our teachings. What you value, you honor with your offerings. 

We will start on Friday morning at 10 am. You can arrive  either by catching an early flight on the 9th or flying in the night before and staying at a hotel near the airport. We will finish at 4 pm Sunday, July 11th.  

Lodging with meals:

2 Night / 3 days/ 7 Meals - $426 Single or 

                                                           $551 Double ($275.50 per person)

The nearest airport is Tampa International. You will need to include a Uber or rental car to get to the Retreat Center. Maybe we can coordinate rental cars depending on your flight schedules. Please send me the flight details so that I can connect people.  You can often get inexpensive flights to St Petersburg's Airport through Allegiant Air. Southwest has many flights of Tampa International. 

Please pray as I begin to organize our first seminar in the states.  

Blessings to each of You, 




Application for Courts of Heaven Retreat in Tampa (pdf)



Sowing into Your Freedom

During this past Tuesday Mercy Court time,  I had a participant ask if we had a partnership program. I was surprised by her question.  No one had every asked before though we do have faithful friends that sow monthly into our ministry.  I told her to sow into the ministry through PayPal.   She setup a monthly contribution.  

Afterwards,  I continued to ponder her question.  Was this something we needed to do in the ministry? I have not wanted to establish an ungodly trading floor.  Freely I have been given and freely I give. After a long discussion with Valerie, I realized that what you honor in the spirit realm is what comes to you. It is a spiritual principle. The work that GFBI Ministries is doing is a godly trading floor.  If you are being blessed by this work,  take your stand on the trading floor of heaven and make an exchange with the King of Kings to receive even more freedom for yourself, your family, your city, your nation, the Body of Christ.    So sow into good ground that will bring a harvest in your life.