Session 1: Mercy Court Training

First in a series directed by the Holy Spirit. 

Session 2: Mercy Court

Session 2: Mercy Court, Part 2

Session 3 Mercy Court

Deals with the profane worship through the ages with questions and answers at the end. 

Session 3 Higher Courts

I truly believe this may really help you understand the internal resistance to believing the Word of God. 

Session 4 _ Mercy Court

How had generational bitterness towards God impacted us today?

Session 5, Mercy Court

I have been asking the Lord why his people do not trust Him? Last week we dealt with anger and rage at God in the generations. Today we finished the class action lawsuit in the Mercy Court for father wounds, went to the Court of Cancellation, the Divorce Court, and the Court of Title Deeds and Ownership. It was a holy time and we could barely speak when it was finished. Spend time allowing the Holy Spirit to work in and through you as you enter into freedom.

Mercy Court Session 6 - Our Eternal Covenant

Do we truly believe God's promises to us? Have we exalted our struggles above the completed work of the cross. Today I examined the reality of covenant challenging those who watch to recognize where they are not walking in faith. Participants were encouraged to go to the Room of Atonement to be washed and cleansed by the Blood of Jesus. 

Session 6 Discussion Group

Check out this great video

Higher Courts Session 6

An in-depth look at how the Body of Christ has suffered by the lack of knowledge about the Lord's Table, the Lord's Supper. We have not properly discerned His Body, His Blood, and His Life that is ours in Him. As a result many among us are dying, sick, and suffering what He has already suffered on our behalf. Do we know how to exchange our pain, our shame, our guilt, our failures, our weaknesses, our struggles for victory in Him?

Mercy Court Session 7

How does Greek thinking interfere with our ability to believe God? Logic, reason, and linear understanding is a stronghold that prevents us from believing God for the impossible. We create an equation in our minds or sub-conscious that says: problem + my most logical understanding and ability to resolve = solution. Reason and logical thinking can never lead to truth. Reality in the Kingdom of God is that: problem + promise or prophetic Word of God + faith = a miraculous outcome. 

Mercy Court Session 7 Discussion Group

Court Case for Divorce from Greek Thinking

After entering His Gates with thanksgiving and His Courts with praise, we repented for relying on our own understanding, Greek thinking. Then we asked to be divorced from the Prince of Greece and his control over our walk with the Lord. May faith arise!