Regions of Captivity-Session 1

Are you stuck in a Region of Captivity and unaware? How does one end up in a Region of Captivity? What do these Regions of Captivity look like? Can I be stuck in more than one area of the Region of Captivity? Learn the signs, and see how scripture reveals that these regions are very real.

The Slavery of Freemasonry

In this teaching, the revealing of freemasonry as a ruthless task master. Leading many to great depths that they are unaware of.  Could this be the root of many causes today? Even in nations?

The Ancient Roots of Idolatry

In this third session of the series, the Ancients Roots of Idolatry are looked as it related to Freemasonry. The influences that are adopted and embraced by freemasonry are also closely examined.

Regions of Captivity, session 4

In this teaching I share another aspect of the Regions of Captivity, by  revealing the other forms of the Slavery of Freemasonry relating to our mind, time and memory. 

Freedom from Freemasonry

In this session I share more of my journey in the release from Freemasonry and I reveal the steps the Lord downloaded to me.