Ancient Path of the Heart

Time to examine the hidden regions of the heart that keep us from truly knowing the love of the Father. If we don't deal with the iniquity that is hidden within, our walk will be sabotaged. 

Ancient Path of the Heart Discussion Group

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Hidden Chambers of the Heart

Is your heart divided and caused you to be divided within yourself?  A house divided can not stand. When we have areas within us that are divided through iniquity, this prevents us from coming into the fullness of what Christ has for us. We can sabotage that which the Lord has for us and even with people that have been placed in our lives.

Follow Gods foundation Builders on the the ancient path of the heart which is so rare that 2 Chron 16:9states that " the LORD searches for it"

Discussion Group

Good discussion between participants and moderators.

Are you Suffering from a Silent Heart Attack?

Do you feel hard, no emotion, or deadness in certain areas of your life? Do you feel disconnected in relationships? This is a sign of an area in your heart that is walled, blocked, or locked? The LORD is reminding us to circumcise the foreskin of our heart, as a sign of our covenant..He wants our covenant to be a sign on our heart of an everlasting covenant.  

Silent Heart Attack

As we began to examine the blockages in the heart, Valerie saw the correlation between the physical and the spiritual heart. How do the walls, the iniquity as plaque, the hardening heart manifest in our bodies? Could all the spiritual heart issues from generations cause suffering and early deaths in our families? Have you suffered a spiritual heart attack manifested in distance from God, lack of awareness of His presence, a hardness towards wickedness?

Silent Heart Attack Discussion Group

Tender Discussion Time.

The Stony Heart

What is going on in the ground of your heart? Are there stones, weeds and tendrils that have grown up? Many today are unaware of what has grown up in the recesses of our hearts, and how this is effecting many areas of our life today.

The Stony Heart Discussion Time

Another rich and fruitful time of discussion on todays teaching, that included the ministry of our Lord Jesus, touching each of us in such a profound way! 

The Heart of the Father

Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God. How are you seeing God? Are you seeing God correctly? What does the heart of the father have to do with this? Find out the answers to these questions, and more as we look at the Unbelieving locked heart!

The Heart of the Father Discussion Group

Another beautiful time of sharing how the Lord manifested himself today, in revelation, healing, deliverance and still in loving provocation!

The Electromagnetic Force of the Heart

Continuing on in the journey of the Ancient Paths of the Heart- The Electromagnetic Force of the Heart!

Did you know that what comes out of your heart, creates an electromagnetic force around you that can attract or repel? The "heart" is our very own broadcast system. How is what's in your heart effecting your surroundings? 

Discussion on the Electromagnetic Force of the Heart

Listen to those who shared how they where overcome in today's session, even to a point of silence. 

Until Jesus our Savior interrupted us! How he knows what each one of us needs, and when!

The Ancient Path of The Heart at Rest

In this teaching the Lord reveals another Ancient Path of the Heart, and some of the secrets that are in plain view. But yet the secrets, treasures, and mysteries are hidden, and must be deliberately be sought out.

Discussion on the Ancient Path of the Heart at Rest

Another cherished time of sharing of how the Lord moved through impartation, revelation and new found perspective.

The Exodus of the Heart

Today's time is spent with the Lord moving among each one of us thru HIS heart of Love, Encouragement, Song, and in so many other ways. But, most importantly from HIS RESTFUL Heart.

Discussion of the Exodus of the Heart

A brief time of sharing how the Lord moved upon us in various ways.